post-it, a pen, a paper clip, and a resting stickfas


I’m a design engineer from Sweden who is specialized on standardization and cut-costs. This profession is very much a part of my private life as well and I do want to standardize my way of living. This could mean doing something in the most efficient way, organizing the shop/garage, buy the best coffee maker long term, or anything in between.

The family consists of two kids of each gender plus my wife and I. We have a cat which does a great job at keeping rodents at bay and that equals a place in my dog-loving-heart. We have a fairly big house in the country side of Sweden and the forest reaches into our land. It’s a great place to raise children.

I like to listen to music, hunt moose, drink coffee, play with my kids, play board games, and strip down cables. I’ve listed my favorites regarding music, tv shows, and board games below:



Philter – The Blossom Chronicles (2012)

Philter – The Beautiful Lies (2010)



Walking Dead (2010..)


Board game

Blokus (4 player)


Blokus (2 player)


PS. The extra “s” in the blog name TestOfTime(s) is there because the domain name TestOfTime was taken. I thought the extra “s” was an okay addition when I added the parentheses and embraced it.

PS2. The model in the picture is a Stickfas figure.