Crocs Offroad, Crocs shoes

Why use Crocs shoes?

Many people – like me – have a love/hate relation to the Crocs brand of shoes. Some doesn’t even call them shoes.

Crocs Offroad, Crocs shoes, Herzelock water hose, Water hose

I’ve been using Crocs shoes for a long time now and even if I don’t think they look good (they are pretty ugly now when I think about it) they fit my everyday need just perfectly.

Crocs Offroad, Crocs shoes

The model pictured here in this blog post has been used daily in and around the house for years now. It’s easy to just step into them and the fact that the Offroad model do not have ventilation holes in the front makes them very much suitable to be used during the winter. No snow will get inside and they feel very solid in that way.

Crocs Offroad, Crocs shoes

The wear and tear has not been too hard on them and the soles have not lost its bounciness after years of use. Good quality and the price is okay I would say. As seen in the pictures further down there’s a Crocs for almost any occasion, my recommendation is to get the off-road model if you want to use them around the house and outside. A big plus is the fact that you can easily wash them clean.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on people that choose to wear Crocs – they do so since they are so comfy and easily to take on/off. I believe that Crocs will stand the test of times just fine. They have found their niche and fan base.

Different models:



Classic (a bunch of colors to choose from)




Blitzen (color options)



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